About Us

“Vaginimafia” stands for a feminist gang to which everyone can feel they belong regardless of age, origin, identity and sexual orientation.

We are reinterpreting the term “Mafia”, but adopting the idea of a close community with family structures that sees itself as POWERFUL. Unlike the mafia, however, we do not act through mechanisms of violence and fear, but aim to break up patriarchal structures by strengthening the individual: appreciation instead of devaluation as the goal of mutual support.

In sincere friendship, with all its irresponsibility and unconditionality, we see the break of patriarchal categories.

We come to this realization from personal experience, as we have been living a concept of emotional connection for over 15 years that exceeds the current norms of friendly relationships.

"There won't be a sheet of paper between you!" 
"A man will have a hard time with you ..."
"How is it for a man who finds you both attractive?"
"What if you're into the same man?"

These reactions to us always include the assumption that WE have a problem that results from our being too close. The perspective on us is a male one, corresponds to the “male gaze”.

We have always been prophesied that we will have great difficulty finding a steady partner who does not see us as a threat.

But what if we are these “steadfast” partners for one another? As a platonic partner, not romantic and not sexual. A platonic partnership that is just as permanent, with the same goal of building and expanding a common future. In addition, she does not exclude other (romantic) relationships, but embraces them into the community. 

Above all, we are NOT one thing: fill in gaps for each other until the “real partner” appears. 
We are a relationship on an equal footing, with the same social status as that of a romantic relationship. 

The force behind these friendly connections is perceived as a threat by people who cling to patriarchal structures. Why?

Mutual appreciation and acceptance allow us to break deeply internalized, patriarchal behavior. In the safe framework of our community, we notice and name behavior that has arisen from social adjustments and expectations. Together we deconstruct patriarchal codes of behavior that dictate how “people” should behave, and we continuously ask ourselves: WHAT BUT I WANT?  

This valuable process has a therapeutic character for us and gives us a feeling of healing. We no longer feel as passive victims but as powerful actors in shaping our own life model.

"You are not born a woman, you become one." (Simone de Beauvoir: The opposite sex)

Only by working together can we return to the origin of our femininity, far away from the “male gaze”. All being that is aligned with the cis-male or cis-male generated social structures is not part of our inner self. Instead, the only effective way in smashing the patriarchy is the envious recognition of the counterpart, as well as their strengthening and support. In contrast to this, mare-bite, i.e. competition among women, is the reproduction of patriarchal power structures. 

"I have never found a love like this, so gentle and so powerful as I have in the arms of my sisters. Their love has birthed a dragon in me I never knew could rise inside my tired body. Our love for each other has made us into the most dangerous witch women you will ever know. "(Nikita Gill: The Most Powerful Women Are Women Who Love Each Other Fiercely)

Vagini mafia means sisterhood. It gives you strength to stand up for your own particularities and to position yourself against limiting structures. 

“Veni Vidi Vagini” is the battle slogan that should remind women, Bipoc, LGBTIQ, trans people and all others who suffer from patriarchal structures that we are many.

Together we feel invincible. We are never alone and never will be.

Gloria & Krissi aka Glossy.