About Us

"Vaginimafia" stands for a feminist gang that everyone can feel a part of, regardless of age, origin, identity and sexual orientation.


We reinterpret the concept of "mafia", but adopt the idea of a close-knit community with family structures that sees itself as POWERFUL. Unlike the mafia, however, we do not operate with mechanisms of violence and fear, but want to break up patriarchal structures by strengthening the individual: revaluation instead of devaluation as the goal of mutual support.

In the sincere friendship with all its responsibility and unconditionality we see the breaking up of patriarchal categories.

We come to this conclusion from our own experience, since we have been living a concept of emotional connection for more than 15 years, which exceeds the usual normative ideas of friendly relationships.

Mutual appreciation and acceptance enables us to break open deeply internalized patriarchal oriented behaviors. Within the safe framework of our community, we recognize and name behaviors that have arisen from societal adjustments and expectations. Together we deconstruct patriarchal codes of conduct that dictate how "humans" should behave and constantly ask ourselves: WHAT DO I WANT BUT MYSELF?

This valuable process has a therapeutic character for us and gives us a feeling of healing. We no longer feel like passive victims, but rather powerful actors in shaping our own way of life.

"One is not born a woman, one becomes one." (Simone de Beauvoir: The Second Sex)

Only in togetherness can we return to the origin of our femininity, far away from the "male gaze". All orientation to the cis-male or cis-male generated social structures is not part of our inner selves. Instead, the only effective way to smash the patriarchy is to ungrudgingly acknowledge, strengthen and support the others. Mare biting, i.e. competition among women, on the other hand, is the reproduction of patriarchal power structures.

"I have never found love like this, so gentle and so strong as in the arms of my sisters. Their love gave birth to a dragon in me that I never knew could soar in my weary body. Our love for each other has made us the most dangerous witch women you will ever meet." (Nikita Gill: The most powerful women are women who love each other fiercely)

Vaginimafia means sisterhood. It gives strength to stand up for one's own uniqueness and to position oneself against restrictive structures.

"Veni Vidi Vagini" is the rallying cry to remind women, Bipoc, LGBTIQ, trans people and everyone else suffering from patriarchal structures that we are many.

Together we feel invincible. We are never alone and never will be.